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Lee Sung-Kuen

01 July 2016 - 10 September 2016

As part of the France-Korea Year, Tornabuoni Art Paris dedicates an exhibition to the South Korean artist, Lee Sung-Kuen. Lee Sung-Kuen was born in Seoul in 1954, he has been teaching at the Department of Metal Art & Design of Hong-ik University (Seoul), since 1990. He is also Director of the Cultural Foundation of the National Museum of Korea in Seoul.

Lee Sung-Kuen’s artworks take shape in a web of colourful steel wires extremely thin, almost invisible, creating geometric structures, circular or elliptical, delicate and ethereal. These structures cause tension between the coldness of the material and the lightness of form. Thus, the artist's creations offer the experience of a poetic vision that invites a reflection on the transformation and the harmonization of an exhibition space but also on the cultural dimension of the look.

fleche-avenir fleche-passe